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Grace Inglis

21 March 1929- 22 March 2016

Grace's love affair with dancing began at the age of five, when she started taking lessons from her aunt, Grace Macdonald. As a teacher, "big" Grace made dancing not only challenging, but fun, and "little" Grace continued learning all types of dance well into her teens, particularly enjoying her tap and comedy routines. She participated in recitals, concerts, doing entertaining at hospitals and for some of the armed forces, and did three Theatre Under the Stars performances.

After graduation from the Vancouver School of Art, then working as staff artist at UBC, and raising four boys, she felt something was missing from her life. It was tap! Finding a teacher she would enjoy as much as her Aunt Grace would be a difficult chore, but in her late 60s, and prodded by her sister, she joined Jan Kainer's dance group. She found Jan to be a remarkable and innovative instructor, and after getting her own body and brain in gear again, Grace felt she had come home!

Our Amazing Grace

Razzmatap is mourning the loss of our amazing Grace Inglis, who passed away March 22, 2016 one day after her 87th birthday. Grace was a wonderful, kind, talented and funny woman who had a special gift for comedy. She could make an audience laugh just by raising an eyebrow.

She was the niece of Vancouver's beloved dance teacher and choreographer, Grace Macdonald. Grace often said that a dream of hers was to dance with her aunt Grace's famous protege, Jeff Hyslop. Jeff was kind enough to make that happen last June where Grace had her chance to do a duet with him onstage at the Rothstein Theatre. Although Grace had health problems and sore feet, she kept coming to class and doing her best. She inspired our group to keep dancing and was a role model for the many young dancers who were amazed at her ability and the sparkle in her eye. She was dancing and performing until the end of September this year where she received a standing ovation for her performance in "Sister Suffragette". She will be missed.