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Dianna Mah-Jones

Dianna first developed a taste for the limelight in high school where she played the leading lady in drama productions and organized the pep rallies. Fast forward twenty years, she jumped at the chance to learn tap, inspired by watching hours of Fred and Ginger movies. It was a harsh reality when she had dry heaves at her first dance recital. None-the-less, she was hooked on the rhythms and the challenge.

Moving to Vancouver, it took some searching to find the right tap teacher and class. Dianna marvels at the talent of Jan Kainer to choreograph creative and clever routines that capture the personality and strengths of the troupe. Jan's patience and good humor inspire the class to try harder. What Dianna lacks in skill she makes up for with her enthusiasm to perform-Razzmatap always gets high marks for their energy and sense of fun. A particularly proud moment for Dianna was standing on stage at the World Tap Competition in Germany as the Canadian national anthem was played.