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Felicia (Fay) Son-Hing

Fay joined Razzmatap in September 2009.

As a child, Fay and her sister, Lynette, attended ballet, tap, highland and general dancing classes with Mary Dring in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. As a teenager, ballroom classes followed.

In Vancouver during the 70s, Fay briefly had jazz and tap classes with Jean Jepson. Since the 90s, her interest has been recreational line dancing namely with choreographer/instructors, Bill Bader, Dee Cresdee and Michele Perron. Ceroc is another dance activity since May 2006, when Kerry O'Donoghue launched the franchise in Vancouver. In September 2008, Fay was a member of the Ceroc dance team which performed at the Pacific National Exhibition. She has also appeared in two line dancing videos. In May 2006, Michele Perron choreographed the line dance Juicy to Better Than Ezra's song “Juicy” (CD, Before the Robots). When the band members heard that a line dance had been choreographed to their popular song, they contacted Michele and organized a video shoot of Michele and her line dancing class performing Juicy as a musical video for television broadcasts. Band of Horses wanted a video of line dancers dancing to their song “The General Specific” for their country western music launch. In September 2009, Bill Bader coordinated and led the line dancers in this video, using his choreographed dance, Louisiana Kick.

The Razzmatap group is an enthusiastic group of ladies led by choreographer/instructor extraordinaire, Jan Kainer. Although individuals and unique in their respective ways, they bond in their love of dance, mutual caring, understanding and regard for one another.